Preliminary 2017 18+ League Playoff Bracket

Preliminary 2017 18+ league playoff bracket – subject to minor changes


Sunday, August 6th 18 and over final games
Royals vs. Nationals 1:00/3:30pm Brett James League makeup 2 games
Rockies vs. Blaze 11:30am East Valley 1 game League makeup
Astros vs. Reds 11:30am West Valley 1 game non league
Rockies vs. Osprey 2:15pm East Valley 1 game non league
Phillies vs. Marlins 2:15pm West Valley 1 game non league
Dodgers vs. Blaze 2:30pm LC Hart non league or tiebreaker


Download the full playoff bracket below:
18+ Summer League Playoff Bracket 2017